Lichfield Sport Karate Club

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Lichfield Sport Karate Club Homepage                                                    WHITE TIGERS

Welcome to the home of the Lichfield Sport Karate Club better known as the white tigers!.

  We hope you find everything you need on this site but if you do have any problems please dont hesitate to contact sensei Matt himself.


MONDAYS - 6pm-7pm St.Michaels Church Hall, Lichfield (ADVANCED ONLY)

TUESDAYS - 6pm - 7pm Royal British Legion Club, Handsacre/Armitage (BEGINNERS)

WEDNESDAYS - 6pm - 7pm Royal British Legion Club , Handsacre/Armitage


THURSDAYS - 6pm - 7pm Darwin Hall , New Estate , Lichfield (RECRUITING NOW!!!)

FRIDAYS - 6pm - 7pm St.Michaels Church Hall , Lichfield (BEGINNERS)

SUNDAYS - 10am - 12pm Village Hall, Shropshire Brook Road, Armitage/Handsacre


Contact the L.S.K.C now and you could be training within hours with our choice of classes 


07854905033 / 01543492556


CHARLIE FREEMAN - Student of the year

JASMINE MAUDSLEY - Students Student of the year

CAITLYN HINDLEY - Suzanne Hyndman outstanding female award

This year Head Sensei Matt decided to link the L.S.K.C with F.E.K.O. This results in all our members having the chance to train with some of the best martial artists around the U.K and compete against the best of the world. It took three years for sensei matthew to find a federation or association worth linking up with and so sensei Matthew is happy the L.S.K.C was accepte as a member this year under the larger F.E.K.O banner.