Lichfield Sport Karate Club

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About Us

LichfieldSport Karate Club was founded my Head Sensei Matthew Hyndman 3rd Dan black belt.

 We teach 6 nights of the week in Wado - Ryu Karate. Fantastic for fitness,discipline and making friends.

 Matthew fought in wado ryu tournaments around England in both point and traditional formats and has over 40 first places to his name over his carear.

 Matthew represented his country at numerous tournaments around the world and has the honour of holding 4 british titles, 3 european titles and attended two world championships where he reached the final on both occasions,but finished a very respectable second.Matt is very proud of his silvers at this very high level of competition.

 One of Matthews Proudest moments was representing England as Team Captain in Team fighting in Germany where they won gold. ( matt actually had to fight the german heavyweight who had just won gold in singles fighting and matt won!)

After his second world championships Matthew decided he wanted to give back to the sport which had given him so much in his life and so now dedicates his life to the training of L.S.K.C students.

A Sensei's Tale


The bond begins with a simple hello,

but soon enough youll know sokato.

Above all else its guards up high,

Answer sensei straight and never tell a lie.


At 5 your young and as soft as bread,

But youll take on those monsters under your bed,

doing exactly,without pause what sensei said

a nice roundhouse kick,straight to the head.



 10,11,12 and your out playing with friends,

that big bully bills not out to make a menz!,

the self defence kicks in and hes all in a bends

youll see at the end of the day he'll wanna be friends!


17,18,19 and your out of education

pay special attention soon is your culmination

its very simple, your black belt disertation

sensei will be there, a great celebration.


your now in your twentys,confident and sure

black belt round your waist,its alot to endure

your skills are toned,strong,straight and pure

the ability within you feels like a cure.


the time has come and we are almost at the end

theres no more that sensei could possibly lend

a bow at the door,on your way he will send

but be assured it wont be until for yourself you can fend


so this is my senseis tale and my legacy

something that can never be taken away from me

i felt it from the start it was my duty to be

the head sensei of the L.S.K.C!


written by your poetic sensei matt:) a present for my young students:)

Since the Club started Sensei Matthew counts himself extremely lucky to have help and support from the following people

Head Grading Instructor/Referee: Sensei Mark O'Connell 5th dan Black

Asst. Table judge / Secretary : Sensei Shirley O'Connell  (senior grade)

Club Head Secretary : Miss Rachel O'Connell

Club Committee Head : Mrs. Vicky Freeman

Committee Members:  Kremena Nanev

                                          Heidi Maudsley

                                          Lisa Wilkinson

also a small note of gratitude to the following senseis who are always so supportive even if there not directly linked with the club, some being matts old team mates

Gavin , Albert , Scott and Lance