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grading 7th july

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on July 22, 2013 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (1)

congratulations to everyone who graded and passed at the recent grading. you all did fantastic and its nice to see the club getting some senior grades now. sensei matt is very proud of how the club has grown and long may it continue.

J.J Academy Open Tourney

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on June 10, 2013 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

sunday 14th july , wolverhampton grammer school, compton road, wolverhampton , wv3 9rb. 

doors open 9am start time 10 am till approx 5pm. 

congratulations to the following tigers being selected for the upcoming kata tourney

captain : rach oconnell

squad selected: rach oconnell

                              jill woldt

                              glynn danks

                              annabelle watkins

                              kieran maudsley

                              caitlyn hindley

                              casey gray

                              katie danks

                              amber gibbons

                              lola porter

                              marian nanev

                              kyle hammnd

                              abbie porter

                              jasmine maudsley

West Midlands Combat League

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on May 8, 2013 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

this weekend we continue our competitive year following the lichfield open with the westmidlands combat league tourney in walsall this saturday, here is a list of the selected squad members well done and remember above anything else enjoy yourself.

coaches - matt / jill

captain - caitlyn hindley

kieran maudsley

jasmine maudsley

dayton bland

jack lewellyn

luke while

daniel perry

marian naneva

kyle hammond

joseph gomez

possibles - daniel freeman / jamie gibbons

we have loads of people making there debuts for the squad so lets wish them luck and have a great day remember even the greatest martail artist had a first tourney and even they were nervous!. go the tigers!!!


Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on May 8, 2013 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)



Selected by sensei matt himself charlie has shown true tiger spirit this entire year wining gold in every tourney he entered, he started in the ekka event , then the shotokhan open, then preston, then lichfield, and finally kwon. truely showing he is a great young martial artist. a fantastic year and im sure this will be the start of a great future for charlie, well done



a fantastic vote from the members resulted in jasmine winning with a total of six votes , in second was kieran and third was joint between joshua and luke so well donw to jasmine, she won numerous golds thorughout the competitive year including double golds at preston and lichfield. a true champion among her fellow students.



sensei would just like to say caitlyn fully deserves this award this year and as this award is very close to his heart that is all he would like to say without being soppy. :)


well done to all tigers and keep training hard i hope the future is bright for our young students and i truely believe it will be:).


Lichfield Open 2013 April 7th Results

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on April 8, 2013 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

hi all,

here are the full results from the Lichfield Open 7th April:

(please note a few extra groups were put on on the day as an extra however those results are not on here, just the advertised division results)

a fantastic day

KATA - under 8's beg- 1st- LUKE VASEY - preston karate

2nd-TAMZIN WARD - preston karate

3...rd- LOLA PORTER - Handsacre karate club

under 8's adv- 1st- AMI DRAPER - preston karate

2nd- LUKE WHILE - lichfield sport karate club

3rd- DILLION DRAPER - preston karate

9-12 yrs beg- 1st- TYLAN JOHNSON - kenpo karate

2nd - ABBIE PORTER - handsacre karate club

3rd - MARIAN NANEV - Handsacre karate club

9-12 rs adv- 1st - JASMINE MAUDSLEY - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - DYLAN WHITEHOUSE - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - SAM ROBINSON - preston karate

13-15 yrs - 1st - CATHARINE ROBINSON - preston karate

2nd - CASEY GRAY - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - KATIE DANKS - lichfield sport karate club

16+MENS - 1st - MATT MURPHY - preston karate

2nd - JOHNATHAN TIPTON - preston karate

3rd - KIERAN MAUDSLEY - lichfield sport karate club

16+ WOMENS - 1st - ANNABELLE WATKINS - handsacre karate club

2nd - CASEY GRAY - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - RACHEL OCONNELL - lichfield sport karate club

under 16's team - 1st - L.S.K.C B - A.PORTER/L.PORTER/K.JONES



KUMITE : under 8's smalls 1st - BILLY ALVIS - welsh karate league

2nd - LAIGHTON GREEN - trojan kb

3rd - AMELIA GOMEZ - handsacre karate club

under 8's talls 1st - LUKE WHILE - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - COREY SHARP - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - DILLION DRAPER - preston karate

9-12 yrs smalls 1st - MARIAN NANEV - handsacre karate club

2nd - ANTONY MARIYANAJAKAM - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - JACK LLEWELLYN - lichfield sport karate club

9-12 yrs talls 1st - DYLAN WHITEHOUSE - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - DANIEL FREEMAN - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - JOSEPH GOMEZ - handsacre karate club

9-12 yrs GIRLS 1st - JASMINE MAUDSLEY - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - MOLLOY CORNER - preston karate

3rd - MEGAN - handsacre karate club

13-15 yrs GIRLS 1st - CAITLYN HINDLEY - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - CATHARINE ROBINSON - preston karate

3rd - MEGAN - handsacre karate club


2nd - KIERAN MAUDSLEY - lichfield sport karate club

3rd - CHARLIE FREEMAN - lichfield sport karate club

16+ WOMENS - 1st - CAITLYN HINDLEY - lichfield sport karate club

2nd - ZOE ALLEN - trojan kb

3rd - RACHEL OCONNELL - lichfield sport karate club


MENS OPEN RUNNER UP - KIERAN MAUDSLEY - lichfield sport karate club

THIRD - MATT MURPHY - preston karate

again please be reminded a few extra groups were put on however these are the official results being held for the next lichfield open so that some of you who may be like me and like defending your titles can come and have the opportunaty :).


Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on February 16, 2013 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

on 24th february we take our squad members who are atleast 10 and blue belt over to regional trainer mandie reads gym for national squad training, although we are new to feko and have not yet attended the courses to be eligible for selection i do feel it will be valuable training and a chance to see how you fair against the current squad members,

selected squad members

Caitlyn Hindley

Charlie Freeman

Daniel Freeman

Dylan Whitehouse

Jamie Gibbons

Katie Danks

Casey Gray

Annabelle Watkins

PRESTON tourney Results

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on February 16, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

here is a full list of all the winners from Preston Open 2013.

congratulations to all who represented the club,sensei was very proud and happy.


caitlyn hindley / casey gray / katie danks / caitlyn hindley / luke while / luke while


rachel oconnell / jill woldt / annabelle watkins / dylan whitehouse / jasmine maudsley / kieran maudsley


rachel oconnell / caitlyn hindley

net up will be our lichfield open in april so check out the post below and make sure all your relatives come to watch as its local:) go the tigers!!!!!

Preston Tournament

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on January 29, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (6)

hi all ok as the seats are filling up below is a list of all the squad and the seats also with those who are confirmed and those who have not i will see all this week and collect fee's in, again thankyou to the parents committee for donating £100 pounds towards the coach fee. which has brought the per head down alot from last year.


dylan whitehouse

caitlyn hindley

roberto menchini

luke while

josh belcher

katie danks

jasmine maudsley

kieran maudsley

nathan smith

glynn danks

reece fulton

marian nanev

rachel oconnell

jill woldt

amber gibbons

jamie gibbons

jack llewellyn

annabelle watkins

joseph gomez

casey gray

korinna whetnall

connor whetnall

kirsty  (handsacre class)

p.s. if i have missed anyone off since i announced the squad please dont be offended its probaly because i have not yet seen you to confirm texts have been sent out today and so dont worry.

also sensei matt will be coming out of retirement again lol to have a go in preston since sensei matts mens team won the gold last year against tough preston competition i feel its only right for them to give us one tough rematch hopefully in the final. you know ill bring my best i always try. so you know again an announcement i will be calling up roberto menchini to the mens team A as its only me glynn for men, i will put roberto against a light weight young man and if i find it unfair i will forfeit the fight!, however i have faith in this young man and believe it or not i wudnt bet against him! never! me and berto have the same saying go hard or go home!, roberto does not know this yet and will only know when he reads this !! congratulations roberto.


coach seats confirmed:

1- archie hyndman

2-rachel oconnell

3-matthew hyndman

4-roberto menchini

5-korinna whetnall

6-connor whetnall

7-caitlyn hindley

8- NANNA!!!!!! we love u

9- stacey (lukes mom)

10- luke while

11- von fulton

12- leigh fulton

13- reece fulton

14- glynn danks

15- katie danks

16- kirsty (handsacre)

17- kirstys mom

18 - jez belcher 

19- joshua belcher

20- jasmine maudsley

21- jason maudsley

22- kieran maudsley

23- nathan smith

24- heidi maudsley

25- casey gray

26- casey gray plus one

27- jamie gibbons

28- amber gibbons

29- jill woldt

30- annabelle watkins

31- dean llewellyn

32- jack llewellyn

33- joseph gomez

34- joseph gomez plus one

35- dylan whitehouse

36- julie whitehouse

again if some are missed off dont worry i will see you before friday and im sure there will be a seat for you. :) get in touch with sensei asap .

good luck to those competing and its going to be a fantastic day out so enjoy it your there with other martial artists who love the sport and love the competition, youve made sensei proud already.

Lichfield Open Karate Tournament

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on January 28, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (2)

   Hi all and i hope you find all the details you require below however if you dont please give sensei matthew a ring on 07854905033/01543492556.

rules for kumite :
                                  scoring techniques -   snap punch,backfist,ridgehand,reverse punch       all value 1 point
                                                                      -   front kick,side kick,roundhouse kick,hook kick,back kick       all value 2 body   /   3 head
                                                                      -   no sweeps! or takedowns! or leg hits ! above waist only
                                                                      -  maximum control must be used at all times, no swinging punchs will be scored, the control is decided by the head judge and his decision is final.
                                                                      -  if blood is drawn it is again at refs decision to whether they are disqualified.
                                                                      -  1.30 mins kids   2.30  mins adults rounds 6 clear points stops fight instantly
                                                                      -  area warnings are given as are time wasting again decided by head referee.
                                                                      - all styles of kata accepted and judged fairly on stances,blocks,sharpness and etiquette

again sensei matt will be doing a full run thru on the day of the tourney for all coaches and spectators as again we like to do things slightly different here and what better way than clearly point it out on day in a demo!. then theres no confusion once your fighter enters the ring.

    Now a short blurb from me sensei matt, over the years ive done this sport you come across alot of unfair decisions and unfair refs! not mentioning anyone in particular, however i pride myself on teaching my students if you lose you must get back in the dojo and train harder and try again in the future, i can assure you non of my competitors will be getting easy trophies! so please i emplore you fellow senseis to give me a chance to prove that the l.s.k.c tourney each year is truely unmissable, ran fairly by me and my fellow refs who respect the true meaning of fairness in competition!!!!! any other info give me a call. see you there:)

Regional Training 27th Jan Mandies GYM

Posted by lichfieldsportkarateclub on January 24, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

well done to the follwing students on being selected for the regional training session with regional scout Sensei Mandie Read.

Caitlyn Hindley

Charlie Freeman

Roberto Menchini

Jasmine Maudsley

Luke While

Daniel Freeman

remember tigers go hard or go home! have fun:) go the tigers!!!!!